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7 latest electric vehicle technologies to look forward to in 2022

With the continuous rise in electric vehicles, there seems to be a significant shift in the trends of the transportation system. Innovation and changes in technology have paved the way for people to ditch the traditional approach of powering their vehicles.

The fast pace of technological advancement has been one of the factors contributing to this rise. In recent years, the adoption of EVs has accelerated globally, thanks to several innovations, including rapid charging and smart charging.

Investment in cutting-edge technologies is also growing dramatically as more OEMs make a serious commitment to EVs. These are some of the most recent technological developments that researchers are working on, as competitiveness encourages creativity and additional research, all of which have the potential to be the EV industry’s upcoming big innovation and give it a major boost.

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Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things (IoT) in EV technology

One of the key technological developments that currently rule the market is artificial intelligence (AI).  IoT and AI breakthroughs in EV technology have resulted in many improvements for the convenience of users and EV manufacturers.

EVs can connect to the internet wirelessly using IoT technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi Direct. Drivers now have simple access to maps. IoT also offers a safer driving experience.

To improve battery life and save expenses overall, AI and IOT can help collect information about driving patterns and consumption habits by connecting EVs to the internet. It also assists the drivers to quickly locating the closest charging station and establishing a safe connection by using cloud computing and IoT technology.

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Non-Lithium battery-charged vehicles

A lithium-ion battery is a modern form of battery that uses lithium ions as its fundamental and primary element. The battery chemistry is improving to keep up with the fast-changing EV sector. Lithium supply fell more than 60,000 metric tonnes behind demand last year due to the rise in battery consumption. For battery manufacturing to be sustainable, several businesses contend that a non-lithium option is required.

Instant charging station-compatible batteries have already been created by several battery tech firms to power EVs. Additionally, some enterprises are creating electric scooters powered by graphite batteries.

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Improvised innovations in the manufacturing of EVs

The demand for electric vehicles has grown significantly as a result of advancements in battery technology. Additionally, producers have improved the speed, effectiveness, and suitability of the production of electric vehicles so that more automobile types can be introduced.

Players in the electric vehicle (EV) sector will concentrate on expanding their original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the upcoming years to boost EV manufacturing. This will encourage widespread adoption at a considerably cheaper cost.

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Electric Personal mobility devices

Wheelchairs, scooters, and more contemporary technologies such as Human Transporters are examples of electric personal assistance mobility equipment. For those who are partially or totally immobile, these technologies make daily tasks easier. These electric automotive models will soon become more common as an accessible transportation option across the nation.

Villages, towns, and isolated locations will have a large market for PMDs like electric bicycles which will be affordable and easily accessible.

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Innovative smart charging

Smart chargers can connect with the vehicle and the grid, in contrast to conventional stations, to offer better values for power consumption. It also encourages more efficient energy use. Smart charging enables the owner of the charging station to optimize energy use by monitoring, controlling, and limiting remote device usage.

That said though, the sky is the limit with cloud-based solutions like smart charging for Electric vehicles.

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Technological advancement in charging infrastructure

Everybody having access to convenient charging has increased the number of EVs on the road and accelerated the need for better-charging infrastructure.

EV industrialists have ensured that consumers get used to recharging their vehicles. They have also increased the number of public charging stations to do this. So to furnish and handle the traffic in public areas, EV players have prepared and innovated the infrastructure revolving around common charging zones in public areas.

The majority of public charging stations still in use today are regular chargers, which take several hours to fully charge an ordinary electric vehicle. However, to correspond with the advancement in EV technology fast or ultra-fast chargers are being employed, which are commonly accessible in the market.

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Load Balancing

For both public and private EV charging networks, an EV charging load-balancing mechanism is essential. Smart charging is being used to help load balancing, especially as the national grid faces rising energy needs due to the growth of the electric vehicle market. A developing technological trend called load balancing aids in distributing the available capacity among all active charging stations.

Additionally, it aids in ensuring that, within the capacity of the charging stations, the best possible charge is offered to fully electric vehicles at a certain place. Owners of charge points will be able to distribute power across units and balance the load with the help of this technology. This method of supplying energy to every station is flexible, economical, and significantly more environmentally friendly.

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The fast-paced industry of EV technology

We live in a vibrant economy that is always changing due to rising market developments, new technological advancements, governmental and environmental regulations, and shifting consumer preferences regarding vehicle ownership. Automobiles will undergo the same revolutionary changes as other industries that have experienced increased automation and digitalization.

New solutions have been surging to endure the industry’s problems. This has resulted in many product launches in the EV segment through the years. For instance, last year saw the introduction of various low-cost technology by EV manufacturers. The focus over the next few years will be on a soaring wave of investments in these innovations.

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Venue : KTPO Convention Centre, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Dates : 09th – 11th November 2022
General Timing : 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Relevant Audience : OEMs & Automakers, Channel Partners, EV Enthusiasts
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