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About the show

The Second Edition of Auto EV India is slated to be one of the world’s premier Electric Vehicle technology Exhibition and Conferences

A path breaking event that harnesses the best minds presenting on a single platform to showcase the best available products, technologies, concepts and trends in the realm of the EV Automotive world.

The Auto EV India 2023, trade show, exclusively dedicated to the entire eMobility ecosystem, more particularly with EV Technologies, that brings the entire Electric Vehicle value chain under one roof to network with major industry players and identify numerous business opportunities in a hypercompetitive EV market.

Auto EV TECHVISION Summit 2023

The Auto EV Tech Vision Summit 2023 under the aegis of Auto EV India will take place on November 2&3, 2023. 25 presentations are to be conducted in two days at the summit. It is likely to be a Five hours session each day. The keynotes at the beginning and the final discussion are the highlights of the conferences.

After a successful first edition of ‘eMobility Vision Conference 2022’, we endeavour to increase the magnitude of the conference in terms of technologies encountered by design engineers in product development process. The Auto EV Tech Vision Summit 2023 comprises a number of technology topics and experts with extended time to justify the seriousness of the subjects to a large number of audiences from across India and the rest of the world.

Why Exhibit

The ‘Auto EV India 2023’ is the place to meet a targeted clientele passionate about the EV industry. It is the perfect event to showcase new technologies and EV products.

South and West India is a major region for Electric Vehicle and EV suppliers manufacturing activities.

This is a great opportunity for the industry players to meet, communicate and sell their products to a highly engaged targeted audience.

The ‘Auto EV India 2023’ is the place to network with a variety of audiences in the electric mobility industry. Connect with more than 250+ suppliers and source the latest technology, product and services so you can get an up-close look at cutting-edge H/EV technology and learn about the latest market innovations from across the industry.

  • A perfect place to network
  • A perfect event to showcase new technology in Electric Vehicle
  • A perfect place to showcase components and technology for the EV industry
  • A perfect B2B Exhibition

Exhibitor Profile

Automotive Technologies
  • Automotive Components & In-vehicle System
  • Semiconductors, Electronic Components & Devices
  • Testing Technologies
  • ECU Manufacturing
  • Sensing Technologies
  • In-vehicle Software Development
  • ADAS/Autonomous Driving Technology
  • EMC/Noise Reduction
  • Thermal Management Technology
EV Technologies
  • Drive System
  • Rechargeable/Next-generation Batteries
  • Motor Technologies
  • Inverters, Peripherals
  • EV Chargers
  • Power Devices
  • Measurement & Simulation
  • Connectors, Harnesses
Mechanical & Lightweight Technologies
  • Lightweight Materials for Automotive
  • Molding / Processing Technologies
  • Material Joining Technology
  • Sheet Metal Technologies
  • Laser Technologies
  • Press work/ Casting /Forging
  • Cutting/Grinding process
  • Surface finishing/Heat treatment
  • Processing equipment manufacturers
Telematic & Connected Technologies
  • Telematics Development Tool
  • In-Vehicle Operating System
  • Communication Module
  • Security System
  • Driving Management System
  • Map/Access/Weather Information
  • Drive Recorder/ Digital Tachograph System
Automotive Testing Technologies
  • Full vehicle testing
  • Autonomous vehicle simulation
  • 5G and communications test and verification
  • ADAS testing
  • Electrical systems and battery testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Vibration and shock testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Data acquisition and signal analysis
  • Electronics and microelectronics testing
  • Calibration
  • Software test and development
  • Crash test analysis
Everything that moves electrically

Why Visit

The Auto EV India 2023 will host a massive exhibition on EV businesses for next-gen technology, innovative products, solutions, trends and latest EV models.

  • The exhibition houses the latest research and technology solutions from around the world.
  • A large area dedicated to start-ups, R&D and Technology solutions companies from around the world.
  • To get abreast to the ever changing technology solutions in EV space.
  • Technology and business conferences for R&D heads, purchase managers and top management.
  • The entire EV industry is on the fast track mode. All Government vehicles to be converted to electric vehicles by 2030. After 2025, only electric vehicles will be allowed to purchase. Additionally, it also aims to phase out all fossil fuel based commercial fleets and logistics vehicles in all cities by 2030. It has now become imperative to catch-up the market pace and be relevant in the market.
10000 Sqm
Exhibition Area
Exhibitor Booths
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Visitor Profile
Visitor Profile by Job Functions
  • Design Engineers
  • Engineers (Electric, Electronic, Mechanical, Instrumentation etc.)
  • Automotive Designers
  • Research & Development
  • Purchase/Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Production Management
  • Middle Management
  • Top Management
Key Exhibitors 2023
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